Oct 19, 2008

Self Esteem Sunday!

Welcome to the first installment of Self Esteem Sunday.

Melody over at Pennies In My Pocket wanted to get all braggy about her sweet self, so she came up with a perfect way to mask her bragginess.......she asked all of us to get braggy along with her!

Since I am so totally full of myself I stepped right up to the plate on this one.  Ok, I'm not really that full of myself, I'm actually kind of into the whole self loathing thing......but every now and then someone says something to  me that does put a little bit of sunshine right into my stone cold heart.

That very thing happened just yesterday.  Before I get to the braggy moment a little bit of back ground.  I am the chair person for the 2nd largest fundraiser at my youngest daughters school.  
This fundraiser is a beast, but a lot of fun to be involved with.  

Since this is my last year at the school I found an unsuspecting go-getter of a mom to co-chair the event with me.  She had all these idea's of how she wanted to improve the fundraiser and draw in more people.  After being on the craft fair committee for 7 years her idea has been brought up and we sane parents knew it would just create a baby beast to go along with the momma beast so no one ever took it on.  But who am I to crush newbie enthusiasm!  I'm a live and learn kind of woman.

The beast of a fundraiser is two weeks away and my co-chair is starting to realize that baby beast is much more beastly than she ever imagined.  After several back and forth emails between the two of us she called me on the phone.  She called to thank me for all the support and fabulous guidance that I have been giving her over these past few months.  She praised my organizational abilities and said she hoped that when she takes over she does as good of a job as I have done.  So sweet and so nice to hear.

I'll toot my horn and say that I am pretty good at this kind of stuff.  I take my volunteering very seriously and even though I sometimes doubt my abilities, it is always nice to have someone remind  you that you got skills!!!

So let's hear it girls.........take Melody's lead and get all braggy about your bad self.

Click here: Pennies In My Pocket to play along!  Oh and did I mention the awesome deals to be found on her blog??


Mamarazzi said...

LOVE it!

i know the time and energy that goes into fundraising. i applaud you for doing it!!

I also applaud you for knowing you rock at it!!

yay for self esteem and bragging!!

Anonymous said...

Them fundraisers are hard work! Good for you for bragging on yourself and good for you for finding an "unsuspecting" mom to delegate to. You sly little fox you.

Miss Anne said...

Rock on with yo bad self!

(and it's for a good cause too!)

:) Happy Sunday my friend!

Anonymous said...

Look at you Miss Thang! ;) Way to go - it's awesome that you are involved!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

I'm completely impressed that you not only volunteer, but that you are brave enough to Chair events too! Good for YOU!

Kelsey said...

Good job with the fundraiser! I know a woman who is doing one with her son's school and it looks like a TON of work!

And yup, I finally added a photo of myself. Thanks for calling me cute lol. It's so nice to hear that!

Crystal said...

Never have done fundraising... then again I dont have any kids, YET! LOL. Kudos to you.
Thanks for stopping by!

nikkicrumpet said...

Well you should be bragging. It's volunteers like you that keep this world moving! And to be that organized and that generous with your time is a very good thing!

WheresMyAngels said...

Holy cow, Dexter is getting married. Oh wait, I need to stop watching TV and comment.

I like to have big plans and let them fall thru, so way to go woman, seeing things thru.

I'd brag about myself but I'm way too humble (so glad that most of my staff don't have the internet to call me out on this).

Killlashandra said...

Oh that's very cool! Way to go with organizing a fundraiser. They do require a lot of patience and organization skills too.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

WOW! You totally deserve a medal for what you are doing! That's amazing! I get hives just thinking about all the fundraisers my little one will be involved in one day! lol Your shoes will be hard to fill! That is just awesome!

Thank you so much joining in on my first SES! I can't wait for next weekend's...theme is think of a time your self-esteem was boosted when you were a child. It is making me think really hard! lol


Liz said...

How wonderful to hear that!! I think this is a great idea - many of us focus a little to much on what we have done wrong or what we want to fix about ourselves - what a great idea to do a little bragging...I think I'll have to join the fun next Sunday!!

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