Sep 25, 2008

New bloggers to add to your list!

I'm always amazed by how many great bloggers are out in cyber space just waiting to be discovered.  I am constantly finding new blogs to add to my reading list.  I just ran across a few new bloggers that I will surely start to "stalk." 

The first is Mama's Losing it.  She is super funny and has a pretty nice vacuum give away  going on right now.  Check out her site for all the details on how you can enter her contest.

What I wanted to share was the writing assignment from Mama's losing it.  
The Prompts:

1.) Lost? How come?
2.) If I could take tomorrow off work I'd...
3.) Write a letter to someone you miss greatly
4.) 10 things I believe in...
I think I will choose #2!  First, I'm not sure you can actually take the day off from being a mom, but if I did, I would find an art studio that was offering an all day mixed media art class and jump right in.  I would stop drooling over the incredible art projects in my Cloth Paper Scissors magazines and actually give something more than UTEE covered paper beads a try.  I would get paint under my nails and gel medium stuck on my hands and love every minute of it.......that would be a great day off!

Which prompt would you choose??  


Weight Loss Update:  I am having some cravings like you wouldn't believe!  Last night I was busy with open house at the middle school and didn't get around to eating dinner until 8:45.  On the way home Reid and I stopped at Vons for some groceries (aka: something to eat for dinner) and you all know going to the grocery store when your hungry is a big no no.  Since Reid still had homework to complete, we rushed through the store and I managed to skip the isles with all the naughty food.  

That was until we got to the check out and they had a big ol' display of Halloween MnM's.  Curses!!!  I grabbed a bag and had it open before my behind hit the car seat.  I was munching on them after lunch today and felt I was going to eat the entire bag if I didn't put them up somewhere out of my reach.  Well, being 6 feet tall means just about everything in my house is in reach.  I seriously contemplated throwing the entire bag up into the rafters of the garage!  Needless to the diet isn't going so well.  Curses to hormones and curses to those last 13 pounds!!


Mama's Losin' It said...

Wow, thanks for the nice shout out!! I love discovering new blogs too.

I think you need to find yourself a babysitter and take the day off. (Easy for me to say)...go get dirty!!

And wow you have a standard poodle!!! I've been talking about getting one for years. I heard they're one of the most intelligent well behaved dogs you can find. Maybe someday...

And blast that checkout aisle!! I too succumb to the impulse purchases at the last minute. it's not your fault!!

Weeksie50 said...

What a fun bloggedy blog you have here..

I am glad I came across it..

Lorri said...

are we talking about the same bag of m&m's? mine are safely stashed a drawer in the office. :>)

Mamarazzi said...

mmmmm chocolate!

tomorrow is another day right?!

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