Sep 27, 2008

Halloween Ghost Shake!

I love love love Halloween (was that enough love for you all?).  It is my favorite holiday.  I also love me some creative idea's from Martha Stewart.

These cute ghost milkshakes came from Martha Stewart's website.  All you need to do to have your own ghost shakes is to paint melted chocolate on the inside of a chilled glass, fill with a vanilla shake and top with whipped cream.  

A "poster" on her site suggested using that chocolate sauce the hardens quickly for the faces instead of the melted chocolate!  Check out Marth's website for more details. I can hear the blenders whirling!!

I am going to give them a try and will let you know how they turn out!!  Of course, let me know if you channel your inner Martha!

Photo credit: Martha

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Solei said...

These are so cute... I will definitely have to try them.

Mamarazzi said...


Anonymous said...


Melissa said...

You're my kind of woman.... casseroles & cute crafts!!!

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