Sep 28, 2008

Being 13 is exciting!

Turning 13 meant birthday gifts and gifts equal new duds...cowgirl duds. Despite the constant reminders from mom that I don't have to look like a fashionista at the ranch I can't help but look good shoveling horse poop. I'm 13 after all and I have an imagine to up hold!

Mom, surely you remember the days when you were 13 and you got up like an hour and a half before school started so you could curl your hair into those perfect tubes?? By the way, those tubes were totally wack!

Being 13 means that Martha and George let me drive that John Deer cart thingy. So totally cool! Mom, did you jump off the cart when I took the wheel to take pictures or were you scared I'd injure you?? I'm leaning towards the stalkerotcy picture taken you are known for!

The most exciting thing that has happened since I turned into a teenager, besides shedding that lame title of Tween, is that I had my first experience getting bucked off my horse!

Twiggy actually bucked three times before I went flying. I don't know if that would win me a shining belt buckle but I thought it was pretty cool that I stayed on that long! Everyone wanted me to do this whole horse whisper thing and figure out why the horse the got pissed off at me, but come on people, I'm only 13.......I have no idea why the silly horse felt she needed to send me flying! If I did I never would have been bucked off in the first place!

Mom witnessed the whole bucking incident and she did a good job restraining herself from rushing in to rescue me. I did my best not to cry. I'm pretty sure Cowgirls don't cry. Now my trainer Chelsea says that every cowgirl has to bring their trainer beer the first time they fall of their horse, but since I'm not 21 she will settle for double fudge brownies! I don't get why I have to bring her something...........she should actually be buying my mom gifts to convince her to let me keep taking lessons!!

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Mamarazzi said...

wow! we have not had a bucking experience yet but i brace myself for it all the time.

i hope if it does ever happen i will be able to stay as cool and not go running to my little cowgirl.

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