Aug 30, 2008

We actually paid for that!

When you purchase a poodle you do so knowing that ownership means forking over good money to groomers several times a year.  We have been taking Xena to Petsmart for a few years now and for the most part we have been happy with their grooming department.  

So imagine my shock when Jim brought Xena home from Petsmart and the dog sitting before that looked like she had been groomed with dull rusty scissors. Sometimes the groomers miss a stray hair here or there......but this cut was ridiculously bad.  She looked like she had developed a bad case of mange.   

It was so bad that I was beginning to wonder if all the groomers had gone home for the day and they let one of the cashiers give grooming a go!!!  The next day I spoke with the manager at the grooming department and she said she would personally take care of fixing Xena.  I was so relieved when I picked Xena up and found her looking like she had been groomed by a professional.  The manager Tina, apologized for the previous bad "do", said she would always be the one to groom Xena and told me our next appointment was free!  I don't know about all of you, but I really feel customer service has gone down the tubes.  It was refreshing to have an employee actually treat us like we mattered to them as customers!  So kudos to Tina at Petsmart for having pride in a job well done!

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