Aug 1, 2008

Dog Days of Summer!

Man, it is a dog's life around here! Molly and Xena spend the majority of the day lounging around the house. They do spring to life in the evening, just about the time when you would prefer not having a dog all up in  your face.  

In anticipation of replacing my Poodle chewed sofa I have been trying to get the dogs to learn to love sleeping in their beds and not the sofa.  In Molly's case, she uses my favorite throw pillow as her royal bed!  So here is Molly in the new bed I bought her last week.  She seems to

 enjoy it, but when I come home and check it for body heat, I tend to find it cool while the throw pillow is giving off the tale tale signs of doggy heat.

Can you see the black poodle her her navy blue bed??  Well neither could I!  I didn't see her outside or on the sofa so I went looking for her in the other rooms.  My heart sort of dropped when I couldn't find her.  It wasn't until I called her name and she acknowledged me that I realized she was laying right in front of me in her bed.  She really does disappear into that bed!  This comes in handy for surprise attacks on the cat!

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