Jun 30, 2008

Get that girl a horse!

My city girl has found the Cowboy hat of her dreams.  Which means she is now ready for our horse riding vacation!!  In a couple of weeks we are heading up North for a week long vacation at  The Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch.  Jim and the girls are very excited about the prospect of all the horse mingling they are gonna be doing.  I'm excited to be getting away, but I'm a little nervous about being around them thar horses.  I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, I mean, who wouldn't enjoy a long horse ride in the morning and a frog jumping contests in the evening?  My City girl asked me the most crucial question yesterday!  Are we bringing the flat iron?  After she asked I gave it some thought and I asked if she planned on roping herself a cute cowboy to which she blushed deeply and replied with a stern, "MOM."  I guess a City girl has to look cute at all times, no matter the situation!!  

1 comment:

K said...

It's the hair dryer for me... :-)

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