Dec 31, 2008

Name that tune!

I saw this fun game over on Mandy's blog and knew I had to play it for you all!

If you like music you will have fun trying to figure out the songs to the lyrics that I am going to post.

First things first....if you want to play on your blog here are the rules:

Step 1: Put your ipod on shuffle.

Step 2: Post the first line or two (unless the first line reveals the song title) from the first 25 songs that play. **If the first line had the title in it, I blanked it out.**

Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and song title correctly.
(I'm not sure I can strike through my words so I will highlight them and write the song as they are picked).

Here goes: (Wow...only three weren't guessed...Good job everyone!)

1. I wake up every evening, with a big smile on my face, And it never feels out of place. (Gives you hell - All American Rejects)

2. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot, With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin' hot spot.  (Big Yellow Taxi - my version is sung by the Counting Crows - my favorite band)

3. In the day, In the night, Say it right, Say it all (Say It Right - Nelly Furtada...duh, didn't even realize I included the name of the song!!)

4. I guess I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went. (So What - Pink)

5. An old man turned ninety-eight, He won the lottery and died the next day (Ironic - Alanis Morissette)

6. Well I went to bed in Memphis, And I woke up in Hollywood (Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow)

7.This here is the place I will be staying., There isn't a number. you can call the pay phone. (no one guessed this one and it is probably because no one could ever figure out what he was saying!!  The Sidewinder sleeps tonight - REM)

8. Strumming my pain with his fingers, Singing my life with his words, (Killing Me Softly - my version is by the Fugees)

9. After seven days He was quite tired so God said: "Let there be a day Just for picnics, with wine and bread" (God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test Dummies)

10. I took my love and I took it down, Climbed a mountain then I turned around (Landslide - my version is by the Dixie Chicks)

11. If you ain't got no money take yo'broke ass home (Glamorous - Fergie)

12. I've been cheated by you since I don't know when, So I made up my mind it must come to an end (Mama Mia - my version is from the movie sountrack)

13. It's gettin' late , I'm making my way over to my favorite place, I gotta get my body moving shake the stress away (no one guessed this one: Don't stop the music - Rhianna)

14. I'm holding on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground, And I'm hearing what you say (Apologize - Timberland)

15. When i find myself in times of trouble, Mother mary comes to me (Let it be - Beattles)

16. How come you're always such a fussy young man? Don't want no Captain Crunch, don't want no Raisin Bran (Eat It - Weird Al.....gotta have kids to enjoy this CD)

17. Well I shuffled through the city on the Fourth of July, Had a firecracker waiting to blow, Breaking like a robber who was making his way (New York - Ryan Adams)

18. I used to rule the world, Seas would rise when I gave the word, Now in the morning I sleep alone (Viva la Vida - Coldplay)

19. Words like violence, Break the silence, Come crashing in (Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode)

20. Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today, To get through this thing called "life" (Let's Go Crazy - Prince)

21. Beauty queen of only eighteen, She had some trouble with herself, He was always there to help her (She will be loved - Maroon 5)

22. Not a day goes by I don't think about you, You left your mark on me it's permanent a tattoo, Pierce the skin and the blood runs through (no one guessed this one! It is: Right on time - Lucinda Williams)

23. To the left, To the left (Irreplaceable - Beyonce)

24. Beyond the boundaries of your city's lights, Stand the heroes waiting for your cries. So many times you did not bring this on yourself,  (Citizen Solider - 3 Doors Down)

25. Getting born in the state of Mississippi, Poppa was a copper and my momma was a hippie, (Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Last but not least
Happy New Year!
I will post all the answers tomorrow!  


Letti said...

That was cool but I am horrible with Lyrics. I love your blog.

Saundra Shaver said...

Ohh....I love that you like Pink!

#4 is Pink! She is my fave!

Saundra Shaver said...

BTW... Letti, the commenter above me right now??? We live 2 door down from each other.

yulz said...

Happy New Year ~

Julie Brooks said...

Ok, this is WAY too much fun!
Some were really easy and some took me a few reads, others I have NO clue!
2- Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows
4- So What! - Pink
5- Ironic - Alanis Morissette
6- Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow
8- Killing me Softly -??
10- Landslide - Fleetwood Mac or could be Dixie Chicks
12- Mamma Mia - ABBA (this is Jarod's current favorite and we have to listen to it over and over!)
19- Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
20- Let's go crazy - Prince
21- She will be loved - Maroon 5
23- Irreplaceable - Beyonce

Mandy said...

2--Big Yellow Taxi...Frenti (sp) sang it in the 90s, someone sang it recently, and I think Joni Mitchell sang it originally.
5--Ironic, Alanis Morisette
8--Killing Me Softly With his Song, Roberta Flack and then Lauren Hill...was that her name?
9--Afternoons and Coffee Spoons...Crash Test Dummies (is that right????)
10--Landslide, Stevie Knicks
18--Viva la Vida, Coldplay (LOVE THIS SONG)

Thanks for playing. LOVE your songs. Happy New Year to you!

Casey's trio said...

This game is SO up my alley:)

#2 They paved paradise by The Counting Crows
#4-So what by Pink
#5-Isn't it ironic by Alanis Morrisette
#8-Killing me softly
#10-Landslide-Fleetwood Mac
#15-Let it be-John Lennon
#20-PRINCE baby--Let's go crazy!! Love it
#21--Maroon 5--another fave!

RhondaLue said...

I totally knew like.....three of them. ha ha

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I recognize so many but just can't think of them - here is what I do know

2. Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

5. Alanis Morrisette - Isn't it Ironic

8. Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly

15. John Lennon - Let it be

K said...

I don't even know titles and artists on my OWN i-pod! I recognize a few- too bad you can't link each song so we could REALLY play Name That Tune! :-)
When are you going to post the answers? :-)

jori-o said...

I am SO doing this! The only one that popped out to me so far is #25--Dani California / Red Hot Chili Peppers??

jori-o said...

OOOh! And #14 is Aplogize by One Republic / Timbaland, right??

jori-o said...
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scrappysue said...

#1 is the new AAR song - not sure of the song title and don't want to cheat and my teenagers aren't here!!!

Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons said...

Okay I only know 2 of them!

4. Pink - So What (it's my ring tone/song)

10 Dixie Chicks - Landslide.

Michelle said...

You all are so good.

Let's put it this is a good thing I wrote down all the titles because there are a few that would stump me. :)

sandy said...

This looks like fun! I wish I had time to play along, but I'm on my way out. I just wanted to stop by to say Happy New Year!


Honey Mommy said...

What a fun game. The ones that are left are ones I don't know. I may have to try to do this one next week.

Miss Anne said...

what a fun game!!!

happiest new year to you and yours!


Miss Anne said...

what a fun game!!!

happiest new year to you and yours!


Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I am so out of the loop when it comes to music. The only one I know is #16 - Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic (sp?) I used to love him! I was a big Dr. Demento fan when he was on the radio.

Rick said...

Hey Michelle! I've started my annual giveaway over on my blog. I hope you'll drop by for a chance to win something.

jori-o said...

#3: Nelly Furtado--Say it Right

HA! ;)

Kimber said...

You have an award waiting for you at my blog.

ella said...

couldn't name one if my life depended on it.
Oh you KIDS...!
happy 2009!

NJDecorator said...

Is #6 Walking in Memphis?

Cool idea..

Just say Julie said...

How fun!
#24 is Citizen Soldier by 3 doors down.

#171 is New York by Ryan Adams ( i love some Ryan Adams!)

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's!

K said...

A&T were listening to Weird Al (Eat It!) as though it were something new... :-) I still know the words to "Another One Rides the Bus." Pathetic! I put "Maybe Vader Someday Later" on my kids blog a while back...
That was a fun game!

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