Oct 21, 2008

Tuesday tidbit and Should you be allowed to Vote?

Here is a Tuesday Tidbit I found rather amusing. Yesterday I had to go back to the Dermatologist so she could make sure the scary bleeding thing she cut off the back of my leg hasn't grown back (it hasn't).

I was led back to the exam room by a Medical assistant. She was young and her body language led me to believe that she was new. We get in the exam room and I jump up on the exam table trying not to totally thrash the paper sheet under my butt (don't you just hate that sheet?).

The Medical assistant opens up my chart and looks a little puzzled.  She flips around my chart and stops on an old pre-cancerous zap-a-thon and mole removal.  I help her out and let her know what I am in for and direct her to the correct page.  She giggles to herself and soon finds the right page.

She reads over my chart and then she says, "Wow, lots of big words that I am not familiar with, but it does say what ever that thing was that she cut off wasn't cancerous.......that's awesome!"
LOL!  Love that professional assessment

The doctor comes in, checks the biopsy area, checks all moles and then proceeds to burn off the latest pre-cancerous spots on my face and hands (I was going to share pictures, but I was worried you all might think I have leprosy so I changed my mind).  

After the exam I was re-latching my bra under the lovely paper gown.  The doctor sees me go for my bra and rushes over to help.  She says, "Oh....do you need help hooking your bra."  Seriously?  I declined the offer and she quickly explained that she forgot I was still young and flexible.  Hello, I hope I can still latch my own bra...I'm only 41 for goodness sakes!  

That got me thinking.........forget about all those potentially cancer filled moles on my back or the sun damage that was done in the days of no sun screen, I never thought that someday I might not be able to hook my own bra!!  Got me thinking, I better start being nicer to my husband, because apparently I might need him for something more than taking out the trash!  :)


I was visiting Feather's blog yesterday and she had a link to a survey that shows if you should be allowed to vote.  I thought if you haven't seen it already you might want to give it a go!  My viewing of cable news is paying off............

You Should Be Allowed to Vote

You got 13/15 questions correct.

Generally speaking, you're very well informed.

If you vote this election, you'll know exactly who (and what) you'll be voting for.

You're likely to have strong opinions, and you have the facts to back them up.

By the way....even if you don't score high, I still think you should be allowed to vote.  Well, unless you aren't on my team and then you need to study up and wait for the next election. 

Just kidding!  You all rock!


Liz said...

Tee hee...you have finally given me another reason for keeping my dear husband around!!

Mamarazzi said...

"might need him for something more than taking out the trash! :)"

BWAH hahahahaha!!

i am glad to know i am not the only one who goes in for zap-a-thons...

Jennifer said...

I can't believe she asked to help you with your bra! OMG! I would never ask someone that!! Whose team are you for anyway?! LOL! I haven't seen very many people (including myself) expressing their opinion on who should be elected! I'd like to hope the people I read about are on my side too?!

Michelle said...

Mawhahaha.....I will never reveal my political party and those of you who know me better not tell.

But hey, you can always take a guess!

All I can say is that I can't wait for this election to be O-V-E-R!

Anonymous said...

LOL I was wondering why a doctor would be asking any woman if she needs help...after all haven't we been wearing bras of some fashion statement or another since the dawn of time.
I guess it shows that, like you, I had never thought of the older crowd not being able to hook their bras.
LOL I better go take that quiz. I'm scared of the results!

Debbie said...

I just found your blog and this is great stuff. I can't believe how unprofessional that assistant was. I wonder if the doctor knows? Of course, I also think it is a little freaky that the doc offered to fasten your bra.

Baby Herzog said...

I'm always looking for other reasons to keep my hubby around, thanks, never thought of this one haha

christie said...

Good news is always nice...even if it comes from someone who "can't read the big words"
Have an awesome day!

Kelsey said...

Glad it wasn't cancerous!

That's too funny about the bra thing. Seriously you're not 80!!

come on over to the blog when you have a second, I have something for you.

Miss Anne said...

So glad the MA told you it wasnt cancerous... that's good news even if it came from the garbage man!!

I'm glad you are taking care of yourself! that's important stuff!

(I took the test and realized I need to educate myself a wee bit more..;) )

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Ha! Oh so true. I now think perhaps I should be nicer to my hubby too. Damn those bras!

gingela5 said...

I think it's funny that she offered to help you. That would be sort of awkward to me! haha And I have to fasten mine in the front--I turn it around, fasten it, and turn it back around--I've always done it that way. I'm only 26 and I've lost all my flexibility!

Michelle said...

Maybe she was trying to hit on you... just sayin'!

I guess that's why a lot of "old lady" bras hook in the front?

RhondaLue said...

I woulda said SURE,..can you scratch muh butt too?! Left cheek...higher...to the left...PERFECTTTT. Thanks office assistant girl.

I'm going to take the voting poll. I don't talk about it much on my blog either but I'll be excited when this election is over. Though I am not in love with either candidate I do despise one less than I despise the other. That's how I'll vote..on who I despise less!

feather k said...

You beat me! ha...I updated and put a pick of the pervy DJ on the post for the party...it is not a close up...but I think you'll still see what I'm talking about! Hope you have a great Friday!!!

Ronnica said...

I hope I'll be really old before I need help hooking my bra...

Whew, I AM allowed to vote. I got 14/15.

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