Sep 23, 2008

Got Paint?

I had my Girl Scout meeting yesterday and the girls made the personal cork boards that I showed a sample of a few weeks ago.

The meeting really went well and the girls enjoyed the craft!  This is an activity I highly recommend for troops or a craft for your kids.  All you need is some painted and a couple of inexpensive foam stamps.  

 I am always amazed when I watch the girls create "art."  They all look so free and uninhibited.  I'm big on reminding the girls that art isn't perfect.  If you feel like you made a mistake, then turn it into something unexpected.  

One of the girls accidentally stamped the E in her name backwards, so I suggested that she stamp the second E backwards to match.  She liked that the second backwards E made her "mistake" look more like that was what she had planed to do all along.  Even her mom thought it was clever!

Being more free with my artistic side is something I strive for.  I sometimes get too caught up in being perfect and that really stifles my creativity.  So yesterday's meeting was another lesson for me in "practice what you preach."  

Thanks for stopping by!


K said...

cute! this project reminded me- when I was in 8th grade and in Scouts, we did a printing project and I accidentally used a "k" instead of "K" on a print- and I ended up liking it so much, I've used little k to sign my initials ever since...
I wish I could come to your house to do crafts... :-)

Michelle said...

Think about how great it would be if you could fill your neighborhood up with all your favorite people? I'd always invite you over for craft day. :)

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