Sep 18, 2008

First 5th Grade Fundraiser.....Check!

Those of you that know me, know that I volunteer a lot!  This school year is no exception except that I am trying to step back and let other people be in charge (something that is kind of hard for the control freak in me!).

Last night we had our first fundraiser for 5th grade promotion.  We earned money by selling hot dogs, chips, soda, ice cream and baked goods to the crowd that showed up for Back to School Night (aka Open House).

The crowds seemed kind of light, so we were a little concerned we wouldn't meet our projected income.  But I have a theory on this.  The crowds only seem smaller when you are depending on them for income!!!

We counted the money this morning and while expenses haven't been submitted yet, when all is said and done our income will be around $1,200.00.  Yee haw!  That is $400.00 over our projected income.  Not to shabby!  

The pictures are of Kate and her friend Kenni pushing raffle....ahh, I mean "opportunity drawing" tickets.  The other is of Kate and her buddy Jackie dancing to "YMCA."  Nothing screams par-ty like dancing to the Village People!!

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