Aug 15, 2008

"Yummy Tree Bark!"

My cousin Courtney's very funny comment on my blog reminded me that I should update you all on where I am with my new eating plan/weight loss goals. I will avoid using the word diet here since it has become such a four later word these days!!  You know as in....diets don't work, blah, blah blah!! 

I think my body is adjusting to this new style of eating.  I think my worst response to a lack of sugar occurred the other day.  As I pondered which of the nine types of veggies residing in my fridge I would fill my salad with  Reid sat down next to me with a bag of Frito's (thank you Jim).  I took one whiff of those Frito's and said to my sweet daughter, "If you value your life you will get up now and leave the room."  With a tad bit of fear in her eyes she, clutched the delicious smelling bag of Frito's to her chest and moved out of my sight.  So other than almost ripping my kids heads off for eating foods that I can't eat, things are still going well.  I am still dedicated to eating better and have shed 7 pounds so far.  It is amazing how a little thing like 7 pounds can make you feel so much better.  Now I have to start exercising again if I am going to continue to lose weight.  Another mental hurtle to overcome.  Alli-00p!

1 comment:

Tina said...

Congrats!!!! 7 pounds is awesome!! You'll have to share with me what you do and what type of tree bark you are eating. :)

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