Aug 22, 2008

You Will get SOAKED!

On Monday I took Reid, her friend Lacey and Kate down to Sea World for a day of fun in the sun. We went down after lunch with no real plans on how long we would stay. I left the day up to the girls and let them pick what they wanted to do.

We saw a few shows, spent a long time petting the string rays, ran around in the Bay of Play (you are never too old to hang out with Cookie Monster) and rode a few rides. Actually Reid and Lacey rode and few rides. Kate didn't want to ride the roller coaster Journey to Atlantis so we watched Elmo's 4D movie while the girls waited their turn in line. Really cute show by the way!

I was quite happy to skip the rollercoaster this time around because unless you are sitting in the last seat of the ride you get pretty wet and with the "tissue" t-shirt I wore that day I decided getting wet probably wasn't a good idea. So as the day was winding down the girls decided that they wanted to go on the ride "Shipwreck Rapids" before we left.
It was already 6:00 p.m. and with my tree bark diet still in effect I was really starting to get hungry. The wait for the ride was 45 minutes long and I decided it was better to stand in line for the ride than sit near the diner and drool so off I went.
I knew this was a ride you could get wet on, but how wet could you get?? As we got closer to the front of the line I was horrified to see people getting off who were soaked to the bone. But then again there were riders that were barely even splashed. So I figured that the really wet ones must have gotten wet on another ride or splashed by Shamu.....because again, could you really get that wet on the ride?

As the ride took off I had the misfortune of sitting near an opening and found myself facing the rapids. As I found out that was the wrong place to be if you wanted to stay dry(ish). The very first dip sent BUCKETS of water pouring over my left shoulder and straight down my shirt.
From there on out every dip got me more and more soaked (if that was even possible after the first wave of water hit me). When we got off the ride the long line of waiting riders looked at me with the same horrified look I had when I was in their "dry" shoes. I'm sure I must have been quite a sight with water squishing out of my Chuck Taylors and water streaming down my legs.
I heard one woman say, "Oh my god, can you really get that wet," to which I replied...."Yes, yes you can get this wet." We left the park looking like a drowned rats with everyone staring at us as we sloshed our way towards the parking lot.
Next time I am at Sea World I promise not to stare at the other silly adults who failed to believe the sign that warned, "YOU WILL GET SOAKED."

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love Cookie Monster! Looks like you all had a fun day.

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