Apr 5, 2008

Mollison P. Lickaford

The other day I was sitting at my computer typing away when I looked down to see my little shadow Molly staring up at me.  Sometimes having dogs drives me crazy, but I do love them.  Here are a few reason why I love Molly.  That little dog has the fastest tongue in the west!  No matter how many times you warn guest, they always think they will be faster than the tongue and won't get any dog kisses. They always lose!  I love the way her feet smell like fresh cut grass (yes, I smell my dogs feet).  When she is in need of a bath she starts to smell like a bag of dirty Frito's (strange but true).  Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I find Molly sleeping under our covers with her head propped on one of pillows like a little person.  Nothing like waking up to a smelly bag of frito's with grass scented feet.  


Anonymous said...

That is one cute puppy!

Anonymous said...

HAHA cute post and SUCH a cute pup! Awwww I'm so tempted now to get one. I'm trying to stop basing my want on the "awwww factor" and do my research before deciding for sure :)
I think first I'll go to the adoption event that's in a few weeks. THANKS for the info!

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