Apr 10, 2008


Reid is going on a big trip next year that will require her to earn part of the money for the trip.  She and a friend thought it would be fun to have a booth at a local craft fair.  So I have been searching websites trying to find inexpensive crafts that the girls can create and hopefully sell.  We have been having fun experimenting with a few potentials!

Here are some refrigerator/office board magnets that are so darn cute, but we need to work out a few kinks.  Reid's friend Erin was over yesterday and she said she would definitely buy some for her mom for a Christmas gift.  Reid saw that as a good sign and had the thought of marketing the booth to kids as a place to come and buy inexpensive gifts for their parents!

I have found a lot of inspiration from the website Etsy.  I found a lot of crafters making various types of tooth fairy pillows.  Reid thought they were cute and wanted to try sewing so we gave it a try.  It is cute, but I'm not sure either of us has the sewing skills to make this one fly.  Sewing is fun for Reid, but it can be a little frustrating if you don't know what you are doing.

I absolutely love these barrettes.  Reid has actually been wearing them to school and has been getting a lot of complements on them.  We are hoping they will sell well with the younger girl crowd (or the older girl who still feels young at heart).  They are really fun to make.  

Now these are the funkiest and most fun project we tried.  These funky things are going to be bookmarks or maybe magnets.  We used old gift cards as the base for these bookmarks.  The girls had so much fun making them (they gave most of the ones they made away at Christmas time).  It is a great way to be creative.  They especially had fun trying to find items from old magazines to use on the cards.  Everything on the middle card was taken from a magazine (except the tissue paper and paint).  The flash on my camera sort of blasted out the card so you can't really see the cool glass globe in the right hand corner of the card.  It looks like another earth, but it is actually a glass urn!  We are also going to create note cards as they are always popular items at craft fairs.  If you have any ideas for something the girls could try to make please pass them along!


K. said...

I especially love the magnets. How'd you do that? I promise not to steal the girls' competition by setting up a rival booth next door!

Michelle said...

The magnets are super easy and very satisfying to create. Take a flattened glass marble and put it down on any piece of quality scrapbook paper. Trace around the marble and then cut it out. Cut it slightly smaller than the marble. Next apply a thin layer of clear gel tacky glue to the marble and the paper. We sprinkled some super fine glitter on the examples I posted. When you put the paper on the marble apply pressure and work out any air bubbles. Let dry and then seal the backside of the paper with modge podge or gel medium. Let that dry and then add a magnet with really strong glue. I have also had the kids draw their own pictures, but you have to use waterproof pens or they smear in the glue!!! Have fun! :)

Michelle said...

I forgot to mention that the marbles are the large sized marbles. Little marbles work too and look so darn cute in a little cluster on your bulletin board or fridge. The little ones are just harder to work with that the larger ones.

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