Apr 13, 2008

Kitty Card

I am the kind of crafter who is easily dragged into different types of crafts.  I am totally fascinated with mixed media artists and ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). I really enjoy the ATC's that use rubber stamps in their design.  So in anticipation of starting some mixed media projects I have started collecting rubber stamps.  I don't have that many (yet), but my collection is growing.  Since I have started trolling for stamps I have found so many cute ones that I fear a new addiction on the horizon.  Of course I have a legitimate excuse......how else will Reid create cards to sell at the craft fair if we don't have a few supplies to create them with (wink wink).  I just bought these totally cute Cat Portrait stamps so I had to break them out and use them on my first attempt at card making.  I created this very simple Birthday card for a friend of Kate's who is having a party next weekend.  Nothing fancy, but Kate loved it and I think it is pretty cute.  I wanted to document my first card because once I learn a new craft I enjoy looking back and my first attempts.  They always seem so green.  Hopefully I'll be creating some fun designs in the months to come!  Oh, and I think my scrapbook supplies are happy to be seeing the light of day again.  They have been neglected for many many months!  

1 comment:

Julie Brooks said...

Very cute Michelle! Have fun with your new found fun!

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