Mar 31, 2008

Koda Kamp!

Rain or shine, this year's Koda Kamp went off without a hitch.  Well, maybe a few hitches, but nothing that could interfere with some Girl Scout fun. 

The theme of this year's Koda Kamp was a 70's flash back.  The girls made classic 70's crafts; pet rocks, gods eyes and sand candles!  I'm sure if they could have thrown in some crocheted wall hangings they would have!

My girls also worked on earning their Outdoor cooking badge.  Being a good Girl scout leader our menu consisted of well balanced meals!  Considering how picky some of the girls are, they all seemed to enjoy what they made.  

Granted, food always seems to taste better camping, but there is something to be said for planning and cooking your own food.  It definitely adds to it's yum factor.  Giving those picky eaters some control seems to make them more willing to try new things.    

Here are a few things that the girls learned this weekend:
  1. It is ok to flick a bug out of your lemonade and continue drinking it!
  2. It is ok to wipe your hands on you pants!
  3. It is ok to leave your shoes out in the rain if you are leaving the next morning.
  4. It is ok to go to bed dirty!
  5. Half cooked biscuits are really good if you are 10 years old and cooked it all by yourself over a campfire.
  6. Starting a fire is fun (contained in a fire ring of course, I'm not a pyro-leader).
  7. Your leader isn't your mother or maid and you really can do things for yourself!
Things that I learned on this camping trip:
  1. I need to remind parents that if your child brings a bag to camp that you can fit a body into then it is TOO BIG!
  2. Even control freaks forget things!
  3. You don't "need" hot water to clean dishes.
  4. The lights out sssssh's always end quicker the second night. 
  5. The time you spend preparing and cleaning up from a weekend camping trip is actually longer than the trip itself.
  6. There will always be three forgotten socks that will never get claimed!
  7. Don't sweat the little things!


K. said...

What fun! I completely "amen" your list of "learned"- youth and adult. I still love to build a fire, firepit or not! I still don't mind flicking lemonade bugs. And I still have to remind myself that the prep and cleanup for camping is always worth it. Glad you all had a great weekend. :-)

Tina said...

What a wonderful trip! I'm so happy to hear of the things you teach your troop.

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