Mar 23, 2008


Kate and her fashion sense really entertain me.  After our hike on Thursday we came home and got cleaned up to go over to moms for dinner.  Kate came out of her room dressed in this get up, complete with helmet and roller skates.  I asked her if she thought we were roller skating to Grandma's and she said, "No I just figured I'd roller skate until the rest of you are ready to go!!  Even though I was tired from the hike I was humored enough to pull out my camera and take a picture of her.  

Question:  How can you tell your pre-teen daughter is a teenager?

Answer:  She puts on her coolest pair of jeans, a long shirt layered with a cool tank top, her funkiest pair of converse shoes and a fresh coat of lip gloss to go.......HIKING!!!  Yes, that is how Reid dressed herself for our Thursday hike.  It was comical for sure!  Lucky for her I had mercy and made her change into appropriate attire.  Of course not without grumbles from her over my controlling ways.  By the way, she thanked me later.  :)

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