Mar 23, 2008

Another Fun Hike!

Last Thursday Jim and I took the girls out to do a hike that we used to enjoy back when we were in college (aka; eons ago). Much to our delight not much had changed in the 20 some years since we had gotten our boots dusty on this hike.  However what did surprise us was not remembering how long it takes to get to see the waterfalls (the reason you take this lovely hike).  Now when I say waterfall don't go picturing Hawaii!  Instead try to imagine a semi heavy flow of creek water gently cascading over smooth granite rocks cut down a narrow canyon.  Now you have an accurate picture of Kitchen Creek.  After we got the girls to stop asking us, "when will we be there" we really enjoyed the hour and ten minute up hill hike to the waterfall.  Once we reached the waterfall the girls had fun looking for frogs and sticking their toes in the cool water.  The trip back is mostly down hill so was much easier than the way up.  Except of course climbing out of the canyon where the waterfall is.  Lordly me, I need to get into shape because I was huffing a puffing by the time I got to the top of the trial.  Check out the slide show I created of some of the many pictures I took!

1 comment:

K. said...

Love the slide show. Love the blue skies. Love the idea of dipping my toes in a stream. Yes, spring is on the way, even to the midwest... Good work, blogfriend! :-)

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