Jan 16, 2008

Birthday Bowling!

December 28th was Suzanne and Mom's birthday.  As requested by the younger of the two birthday girls we hit the bowling alley to celebrate.  I was feeling a little bit under the weather so I took a few pictures and cheered everyone on.  It was a hoot watching Jim and Mom try to out do each other.  It seemed that every time mom got a strike, Jim followed her with one of his own.  Amazing how competitive one can get over a little friendly game of bowling!  After an hour of bowling we headed off for lunch and then we went our separate ways.  All with air kisses considering that Kate had a 102 degree fever at the time.  Hey, she said she felt fine!!!!

1 comment:

Julie Brooks said...

Hey Crafty mama! I know you've been busy with painting and all, but what gives?? Where's the blogging???? Bring it on sister!

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