Jan 16, 2008

Baby Jay and Reidiekate!

Happy New Year everyone!  Here is a most adorable picture of the girls with their cousin Baby Jay.  I took this picture while I was trying to take a picture of the girls for our "New Year's" cards (sorry to those of you who still haven't received one!).  I took the picture of Mom with the kids so if you received a New Year's card from her then simply put your thumbs over Mom and Jason and you will have my card!  Seriously though, I'll get the rest out soon.  

Looking at this picture you might wonder what that blue thing is on Jay's forehead?  That would be a big ol' blue band-aid.  The band-aid is there due to an unfortunate collision with a fire hydrant.  Apparently Baby Jay wasn't too keen on sitting still while the doctor put surgical glue on the gash in his forehead and as a result his hair is plastered to his head.  Yiks!  New Year's resolution for Baby Jay.......no more "tu-tu's."

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