Sep 16, 2008

Martha Stewart Online!

After checking out the links to the "organizing" blogs that Tina left me, I was excited to find a post on one of them about Martha Stewart's website.  The post was about Martha's Stewart's Organizing Tip of the Day
I have been a fan of Martha Stewart's for years!  I used to subscribe to her magazine, but haven't received it for a few years.  I don't know why I never thought to go to her website for organizing ideas.  She is the queen of everything after all!

So now that I am armed with some new tips I am heading off on an organizing frenzy, and a trip to the container store.  


Tina said...

Okay, you have to post pictures of your finished organizational projects!!

Michelle said...

LOL! I reorganized my five towers of plastic drawers on wheels. I purged unwanted items and made sure the drawers were efficient and everything was back where they belonged.

Needless to say the pictures wouldn't be exciting enough to post. But if I do something cute I will blog about it! :)

Tina said...

Yea, okay, we don't need to see the plastic drawers, LOL!!!

I did that last weekend with my one tower of drawers.

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