Sep 9, 2008

Getting Crafty!

Our first girl scout meeting involved a lot of "talking", so I promised the girls that the next meeting would be "crafty"!  

I enjoy trying to come up with crafts that they can actually use and knowing how much my girls love memory boards I thought it would be fun to have the troop decorate their own cork board.

I created this very simple example so the girls would get an idea of what to do without over whelming the less crafty of the bunch. 

Kate squealed with delight when she saw my sample, so that is a good sign that the Troop will like this craft.

I'm going to use ribbon on the troops boards so that they can hang them on their walls.  I think I'll buy some bling to stick on them as well.  A project is rarely finished without a little bit of bling!


Sally said...

That's adorable, great for the girls to do hands on! I might just see if our troop would like to try something similar! TFS!!!

Tina said...

Too cute!!

Solei said...

That's so awesome that you're a GS Leader. So am I!!!

I just love to find new things for my girls to do. thanx

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