Sep 8, 2008

Atomic Betty.....Keeping the Cosmos safe!

Reid is on the yearbook staff for the second year in a row. This  year the theme of the yearbook is going to be Super Hero's.  Their Advisor asked each of the yearbook students to pick their very own super hero.  The rule was that the hero had to be from a comic book and couldn't be evil.  So off we headed to google female super hero's.

When you look at the female super hero's it is pretty darn obvious that they are drawn by men!  Just about everyone was drawn with enormous breast and perfect bodies.  Some look more like super hookers than a super heros.  I thought Reid was doomed to be some super slut, until we stumbled upon sweet Atomic Betty.  When Reid's advisor saw how cute she was and saw the matching red hair she agreed that even though she wasn't a comic book hero that she was the perfect super hero for Reid!  

Thanks for checking in!


1 comment:

K said...

Atomic Betty! Never heard of her. (grin!) But she's cute! I wonder what Comic Book Super Hero I would be... Surely that's a blog quiz somewhere... :-)

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