Aug 4, 2008


What is scraplifting you ask?  It is when you find inspiration in someone else's design and you lift it to use in your own scrapbook.  The first page isn't a scraplift.  It is the page I created after my two scraplifts (I meant for it to be last in the line up, but I can never remember what order blogger uploads the pictures).  I created this page as a rest for my eyes from all the crazy patterned paper I was using.

The "Twirl" page was lifted from the June/July 2007 Simple Scrapbooks magazine.  I absolutely love the fun design.  I didn't have any scalloped paper on hand so I made my own using a small Advil bottle!  I added some Stickles to the brown paper as well as the title to give it some bling.  I really love Stickles and could get carried away using it!  I also love the picture.  We were heading down to the OB street Fair (2007) and I was trying to take a picture of the trio walking down the sidewalk.  Kate saw me trying to take the picture, so she kept turning around trying to catch me in the act.  At first I was a little annoyed that she was messing with my shot, but I absolutely love how I captured her in mid twirl.  So turns out I won't have to beat her!  :)
The "Cake page is probably the biggest scraplift I have ever committed.  I saw this layout in the 01/08 issue of Creating Keepsakes.  I loved the layout that Megan Wallace created and even better, I had the same patterned paper that she used in her layout.  How fun is that??

As you can see by the very sad looking carrot cake, baking cakes is not my forte.  The recipe is my moms and she is the one who always bakes the cakes for birthday parties.  We all love her carrot cakes, and frequently request it for our birthday.  She must have been out of town for the child's birthday because that would have been the only reason I was making a carrot cake myself.  And no Mom.....I don't have your round cake pans.  :) 

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Julie Brooks said...

Love the layouts...all of them! I love to scraplift a great layout too! =)
Stickles....LOVE EM! I too could get carried away with them. I do love your use of them as polk-a-dots on the brown paper, FUN!
Thanks for sharing!

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