May 3, 2008

Cleaning out our childhood!

Yesterday after we ate dinner at my moms house, she brought out a few items from our childhood that she had found while doing some spring cleaning.  The above box of shells she pulled out was a prized possession of my sisters that eventually became mine.  I absolutely cherished that box of shells and I'm pretty sure that I took it to school as show and tell every chance I got!  When my mom pulled it out I literally squealed with delight!  You see, Suzanne is older than me by six (and a half) years, and as a child I always thought that everything thing she owned was something wonderful.  Of course being much younger meant that my younger brother and I posed a certain level of threat to her well maintained collections.  So we spent a good portion of our childhood banned from her room.  I'm sure that made her things just that much more attractive.  As Suzanne turned into a teenager and her taste changed I eventually became the recipient of all things awesome.  I actually still have many of those passed down treasures.  That treasured box of shells that I always got such much joy out of is now in the hands of my daughter.  Kate could hardly believe her ears when I said that she could have it. I think she has opened it up and stared at the shells a dozen times since we brought it home.  I'm so glad my mom kept that box of shells all of these years.  It sort of makes me think twice when I get ready to purge the girls room of excess junk.  What is junk to me might make them squeal with delight when they rediscover it as an adult.
My mom is also purging all of our childhood artwork.  Shouldn't there be a rule that moms must keep all artwork created for them until their dying day??  I'm tempted to frame some of it and give it back to her as her Mother's Day present!  :)

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Anonymous said...

omg THAT POOR seahorse!
well it aint neighing any more!
ha ha =P

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