Jun 29, 2012

Instagram Fridays - Summer Daze!

I never seem to get in on trends on the ground floor. I didn't jump onto the smart phone bandwagon because I didn't see the "need" to have constant access to the internet (still don't). It wasn't until all  of my iPhone friends started sharing their cool instagram shots that I started really wanting an iPhone.

I wanted play! I wanted cool instagram photo's to share too. So when Kate needed a new phone in May, instead of upgrading her plan I gave her my key board phone and bought myself an iPhone 4S (yes, I only wanted you for your phone).

I am jumping onto the InstaFriday band wagon over at Life Rearranged and Summer Daze over at Project Alicia in order to share some of my first iPhone/instagram photo's.

This is my first instagram photo.  Well actually it is my second. The first one I took I had the tip of my finger in the shot.....how old school is that. I didn't know a lot about instagram when I first started using it but I quickly discovered how to delete photo's off my instagram stream.

 My dogs are smart little goons.  They know if I put on work out clothes that it means a potential fun walk for them.  So if I am moving about the house in my running shoes they follow me and stare at me.  It cracks me up because they totally ignore me otherwise.

 My first test of a night shot.  This was after 10 hours of being at the fair.  We had such a fun day.

 We have been eating strawberries like crazy, but I think everyone is kind of tired of them so after my last 4lb tub from Costco headed south I decided to turn them into freezer jam.  YUM!
 Took this shot at the beach the other day.  We usually have a lot of gloomy over cast days in June (we call it June gloom) but so far we have had very little gloomy days, which makes going to the beach awesome.
 This is my daughter Kate (otherwise known as Bee) with one of her Bff's that is going to be moving to another state next month.  They are all going to miss their buddy Hailey.
 The kids got out some board games to play last night.  Fortunately there were four of them so I didn't "have" to play.
Last but not least a shot of the ferris wheel from the day we went to the Fair.  I took about 400 pictures (with my DSLR) that day.  So much photography eye candy at the fair.

PS: my instagram name is Michelleocm if you want to follow me!

life rearranged


Leovi said...

Great pictures. I like all, wonderful place. Greetings.

Sarah Halstead said...

Such awesome photos. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Instagram is addictive but you have talent at it! You got some GREAT compositions and that is what makes Instagram so much fun!

Happy Friday!


Mindy said...

Love the ferris wheel shot!

Stopped by from life rearranged


Danavee said...

Love that ferris wheel pic! And that first beach photo looks like a postcard!

{Shannon} said...

These are all amazing. I suck at iphone photos! Mine are always grainy and dark! But that hasn't stopped me yet! Have a great weekend!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh how I love these. You capture my home of the SoCal so well. I miss it!!! Even the June gloom :) Heading over to follow you on IG. I'm gigimariephoto

Jodi said...

I love your night time fair shot!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Those are great!!

I have instagram on my i-touch and loved it. I just bought a smart phone, I am soooo glad that they made an instagram app for android market. I would love to follow you, what is your info? :D

Shannon said...

Ok, with even *just* your iPhone, you take amazing pics!

Love Instagram. I may have to look into this InstaFriday. I like to play along in a monthly Instagram challenge (when I remember to do so) hosted by Fat Mum Slim. Each day of the month there's a new prompt... it's fun!

Feenkuss said...

Wonderful pictures :)

Ina :*

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

I'm starting a new photo link party on my blog! This post would be perfect. Stop by tomorrow if you want to check it out and link up!

deb duty said...

Your instagrams are just awesome!! Especially love the one at the beach from under the umbrella. Going to find you on IG now!

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