Jan 6, 2012

Picture a Day

Before I move on to three more days of this month captured in pictures and I wanted to thank all of you for the lovely comments regarding my blogging return.  Your comments really made me smile.  So thank you for brightening my day.

January 6th
I actually scrapbooked today for the first time in forever.  I am so far behind (middle of 2008) that I wanted to curl up on the bed with the stinky dog and say forget about it.  Unfortunately I know that it would drive me nuts to skip anything so I simply got a grip and got started.  It felt good.  Only 2.5 years to go.

January 5th
I love having a big bed.  But with big beds, come big comforters.  Big comforters that don't fit in normal consumer front loaders.  So I went to the laundromat to use one of their gigantic machines.  I killed time by cruising Pinterest and taking LOADS of pictures...no pun intended. 

January 4th
Instead of putting the towels in the garage hamper where they will get cleaned, the girls throw their dirty towels in the bathtub.  When I opened the shower curtain this morning there were at least seven towels in a twisted pile just waiting for someone to pick them up.  Sigh.....I guess it is better than them leaving them on the bathroom floor.


Jenners said...

I love the dog sleeping … with the one ear up on alert!

bentonflocke said...

Love to see your great pictures! Especially the one with the cute dog

Kathy said...

I didn't realize you were back! I've missed seeing your wonderful photography so I'll have to put "One Crafty Mama" back on my sidebar!

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