Dec 25, 2009

365 Project - 2nd installment!

So, you're thinking of doing the 365 photo a day project in 2010? Here is some advice on making it through the project:

1. Always keep a camera with you.
When you grab your car keys, grab your camera bag!

2. Don't feel that every picture has to be a work of art.
Some of my most treasured shots are the ones that captured our daily lives (see day 120). The project should reflect your life and let's face it, sometimes life is boring.

Don't let those uninspiring days drag you down. Just when I would feel like quitting I would get a great shot that would make me happy I didn't give up.

I present to you April 11th through August 13th.

Several people have asked how I created these collages.

I used

I am not getting paid to say this, but as far as online editing software goes, Picnik is awesome! You can create the collage in PS3 but it is so much easier to use Picnik.

Basic services on Picnik are free, but you have to pay to use the upgraded features. It is really inexpensive. So treat yourself.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

very cool! I love the collages!! I might try this for 2010 - I am not in love with my camera - but I want to get better at composition and I am sure this will help me along. Great shots!!

Pam said...

I love it! I am going to try this next year. Should be interesting trying to chase down my kids for shots.
Merry CHristmas to you!

Darla said...

i am trying to decide whether or not to do this again, it has been very fun, and a little time consuming. but i am leaning towards doing it though. i will have to check out that collage site you mentioned. thanks!

Shannon said...

I'm giving serious consideration to doing this project next year.

And I love love LOVE Picnik! Use it all the time.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

I think I am going to do this! You are my inspiration! Great job!

Alicia said...

Wow! You are really inspiring me to do this!!! I Love all your photos, Michelle!!

Oh, and way cool about your friend going to school with Nicholas Sparks! Such a small world, huH?

edie said...

I think I do wanna try it this year. Looks like fun and I'm always taking pics anyway! I love picnik too but I've been playing with ps4 for a few days and can tell it's gonna be wonderful when I figure it out!
love your pics!

CC said...

I LOVE Picnik too. I have Photoshop, but gave up using it when I tried Picnik. I can edit from anywhere and it's super easy.
Does making a huge collage like that take a long time on picnik???
Now that I have an iPod with a camera and I take it everywhere, I may (may) try again with the 365 project.

But I need some encouragement. Want to be my cheerleader???

Honey Mommy said...

I am tempted to try a 365 photo a day project. I just don't know if I have it in me!

Honey Mommy said...

By the way, your pictures are awesome!

Tiaras said...

I am so not doing this again - I tried in 2009 and FAILED!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Your collages are wonderful. I may look into ;-)

Hope your Christmas was merry and that you'll be blogging a LOT in 2010!

Alicia said...

You are really inspiring me to do this next year!! If I get a new soon, I definitely will!

Jenners said...

You should seriously consider turning these collages into posters for your house. They are just amazing and so vivid and amazing. I love the mixtures of shots and your eye. You are really a talent. I'm so so impressed.

Weeksie50 said...

I love picnik!
Your pictures are wonderful!!!

Just stopping see if you still blog.. a lot of my list has stopped.. I am not as faithful as I once was but I miss it..

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Those collages are fantastic! I think I am going to try the challenge this year. I really need to get back on my game!

Muthering Heights said...

Your photos are're a great photographer!

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