Jan 13, 2009

Tribute Tuesday!

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

This is my first time joining in on Tuesday Tribute with Jay and Deb.  My tribute today is quite simple really, and something I think all of you can relate to.

Today I honor the Internet, the world wide web, my life saver!

As a cook, photographer (amateur for both), Girl Scout leader, doctor mom, gift giver, book reader,  and over all information seeker.......you have helped me in more ways than you will ever know.

What did we ever do without you?

Here are the tissue paper flowers my Girl Scouts made yesterday!  All thanks to a tutorial I found on the Internet.

Hopefully, they will bring a smile to the face of the 50 home bound Seniors that will receive one of these little beauties on Valentine's Day.


Deb said...

AMEN, right? great tribute... it's so weird to think our kids don't know any different, but there was a time when all this wasn't available right here, in our laps, in our own homes.

great art project, by the way. the seniors will LOVE them.

KatieZ said...

Oh I love the internet! Could not go one day without it! I really like the flowers too!

Great post!

CC said...

I luvs me some internet too :)

Michelle said...

What a perfect tribute. Gotta love the Inter-Web.

Anonymous said...

hey! Im hosting a weekend retreat in SD in aug, email me for more details if your interested!
sorry i cant logg into blogger right now! grrr

Valerie said...

I love the internet too!

I am sure the seniors will love the tissue paper flowers but mostly that the girls are showing up to be there.

Jen said...

Yup, you just gotta love the internet! I totally rocks my world.

RhondaLue said...

I know, right?! My 7 yr old wanted to try a shortbread recipe that called for "rice flour" and I was like, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT and WHERE can I find it?!

30 seconds later I know what it is, where it's normally located in the store and what stores carry it. Good thing, this internet deal!

Jenners said...

Great tribute! I love it and I salute the internet with you ... without, how would I have found such great people like you?

A few years back, Newsweek had "you ... on the internet" as the "person of the year." (I may have been misremembering that a little but that was the gist of it) about how regular people are using the internet to make connections and make it their own. At the time, I didn't get it. But now I do! Yay for the internet!

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Oh... great one... i wholeheartedly agree!

I hope Reid is feeling better!

Ouch!!! i still feel her pain...

{{rubbing behind}}

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Ahhh Michelle, my insanely talented friend, so glad you came to play.

And you couldnt be more right...arent we living in an amazing time? the internet can be used for good and evil, but it is an instant resource for us to become the people we really want to be. Awesome.

Great Tuesday's Tribute! Hope we see you back next week!


Rachael said...

lovely tribute, perfect :)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Love the flowers!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Ahh, the benefits of the internet. Those flowers are sure to lighten up their faces. Think I'll try making some...Thanks for the idea!!

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