Oct 1, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

Little black dress, $95.00.  
Strapless bra, $32.00. 
Medieval waist slimming torture devise, $30.00.
Control top pantyhose, $8.00.
Strappy black heals, $55.00.

Yanking all that crap off at the end of the evening and letting it all hang out, priceless!

Can you tell hubby looks thrilled to have his picture taken?  We were running just a tad bit late!  Whoops!

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angie said...

You both look great. What was the occasion. I'll bet it felt good to let it all hang out after that! :)

Your girls are So cute. I have a few redheads, one brown and one blonde.

Michelle said...

Thanks! The occasion was the 30th anniversary of the Firm that my husband is an attorney at! Forgot to mention that! :)

Baby Herzog said...

Love the torture device! Hot mammma

Melissa said...

That's great..... I love to let it all hang out!! :)

Solei said...

That was a funny little commercial you had going there!

And you look great, btw!
But I bet you felt better when you just let it all hang out!!!

AVT Coach said...

Came over from Angie's WW. This is a great picture and you look amazing regardless of what is underneath. I hope you had a good time. It is good to get home and put on the pjs. It was nice visiting your site! Hope to visit again!

Superstar said...



LOVE the dress!!! Can I borrow it sometime?? hehehehe

Jori-O said...

You look totally fabulous--and the look on your husband's face is priceless too! Sheesh, these boys can be so impatient! It takes a girl some time to look so good!!

Tulsi said...

I love what is priceless!!

Shanna said...

You look awesome!

Your husband looks about as thrilled to have his picture taken as mine does when the camera points his way LOL :)

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