Sep 21, 2008

Safety Patrol invades the Water Park

Yesterday after an exciting soccer match I took Kate and a couple of her safety patrol buddies down to the Water Park to celebrate the last official weekend of summer.

It was Safety Patrol day at the park and boy was it crowded.  Despite the long lines for most of the water slides we managed to squeeze in a few runs during our 5 hour visit.  As thrilling as the water slides are, I think the girls had the most fun in the lazy river and the wave pool.  And they were oh so good about letting me stalk them with my camera!
I have to say that I really adore my daughters friends.  They are such sweet girls.  At an age when girls can start to become cliquey and exclusive they are anything but that.  Whenever the three ran into someone from school who wasn't there with a buddy they would invite them to tag along.  It just warms my heart to see that nice girls still exist!

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