Sep 10, 2008

My toothless wonder!

We have had the tooth fairy on speed dial this past week and a half.  I don't know what it is about Kate's baby teeth, but when they decide to fall out they do it as a group. When she lost her two front baby teeth (top and bottom) I swear all four fell out in one week.  Now she has four loose, with two out she has two more to go.

Let me tell you, this current tooth fairy has been a little neglectful with child number two!  Kate has had to endure many a disappointing morning when she wakes up and finds her tooth is still firmly planted under her pillow.  She has gotten so used to it that she no longer even mentions it when the tooth fairy doesn't show up.  

Last week after the tooth fairy failed to show up two nights in a row I told Kate that the tooth fairy must be really busy and she should probably leave her a note (like she has had to do many times before).  When I walked in from the garage I found her note on the white board and it read, "Tooth Fairy.....I am ready......please come!"  It melted my heart.

I guess the tooth fairy learned her lesson.......well sort of, at 11:45 in the evening I heard the tooth fairy fly in and stuff $2.00 worth of quarters into Kate's tooth fairy pillow.  It's about time she showed up!!!!

Oh, I can't help but to think of Amy Winehouse when Kate grins will all her missing teeth!  Snort!


Sally said...

Glad to know the tooth fairy is forgetful of other children as well! *eek* ;)

Anonymous said...

your fairy must be related to the forgettful tooth fairy here in Alabama! Must be some defunk genes from the witch sisters. :)

Michelle said...

You two are making our West Coast Tooth Fairy feel much less guilty! :)

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