Sep 14, 2008

3 Goals = 1 Horse

Ever since we got back from our summer vacation at Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch Reid has been begging us to buy her a horse.  So using an old joke from last season (her teammate was going to get a turtle if she scored 3 goals in one game) we told Reid that if she scored 3 goals in one game that we would buy her a horse.  Now before you think we are totally crazy know that if we were telling her this in an email the statement would have been followed with a hearty LOL!

Well, much to our horror (and delight) she scored two goals in the first half.  If it wasn't for her coach putting her in as goalie the second half of the game we may have been faced with an almost 13 year old wondering when her new horse would be arriving.  :)


Tina said...

Go Reid!!! Whew though! LOL!!! I'll bet you thanked her coach! Haha!!

Michelle said...

The coach actually asked if he was ruining her chance of getting a horse because he thought that game was her one and only chance! :)

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