Aug 5, 2008

Sweet Niblets!!

If your kids watch Hanna Montana on the Disney channel, then you are familiar with the term "Sweet Niblets" and you know it is used when something goes wrong in the lives of the shows characters.   Well, things have gone wrong, terribly wrong!  

I dared myself to get on the scale this morning and, drum roll please.......I have official crossed that line.  That line that you set before you buckle down and stop eating ice cream every night? Well, my time has come to say goodbye to the nightly bowl of fatty goodness.  

While I mourn the loss of my bad eating habits and lack of exercising I told myself that if I crossed the line that I would start posting on my blog how I was doing weight wise.  I figured that if I put "it" out there then maybe it would help motivate me stick to the straight and narrow (no pun intended).  So here I sit with my 6 foot self and 181 pounds of pudge, BMI of 24.5, and .5 before I am officially considered overweight on that BMI calculator.

Now I have to go back to Weight Watchers online and admit my defeat.  When I type in my current weight I will get back a note with a sad face telling me that I have gained weight since my last weigh in (duh).  When I go to the graph of my weight loss life on WW online I will see that the line is currently back up where I started 15 months ago.  Then these words will come out of my mouth, @#%#@%!

So here I go ladies......I am either going to lose these 20 unwanted pounds and get down to 160 pounds (my official feel good weight), or I am going to end up on the "The Biggest Loser" saying, "I don't know what happened, the next thing I knew I was 300 pounds."  Wish me luck....cause I'm going to need it!

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Anonymous said...

oh so funny to be reading your notes on this! Just last week I started my tree bark, grass clipping and no carb eating practices. I have to say, I've come out of the extreme "moody" stage and am feeling better. I, at the age of thirty something have found myself in yet another wedding and the dress that I must fit into was a shocker that brought me to tears! is to yummy tree bark and exercise. Although I would love a big hunk o bread right now!!!! Love Cousin Courtney :)

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