Aug 30, 2008

Baby Sydney!

My cousin Sarah came down for a visit and she
brought her 11 week old daughter Sydney and her 
personal diaper changer, Aunt Nancy along for the ride. 
I took a ton of photo's and wanted to share a few of my favorites!  
Here are my girls and my nephew posing with Syd!!  
Hmm, if Sarah is my first cousin, then Syd would be my 
second cousin, making our kids third cousins???  Too confusing!!!
Sarah and Sydney!  
Baby bubbles!
Smiling at her mama!
And last, the baby yawn.  
Is there anything sweeter than a babies yawn?  
Thank you Sarah for braving your first plane ride with a newborn
so that we could all ohh and goo over your perfect little girl.


Julie Brooks said...

LOVE that baby yawn photo....ADORABLE!
I also LOVE the changes you have made to the blog! Very CUTE! I'm gonna have to look at adding some zip to mine as well!

Michelle said...

Thanks! There are so many cool blog templates out there. Have fun putting some bling on your blog.

Baby Herzog said...

Love the pictures. Took my forever to update my blog but I've done it. I love the comment about mom being my personal diaper changer...oh how I miss her haha So glad we came it was so fun!!! I am gonna tell mom that if possible everytime she goes to San Diego I'll meet her down there. That might get her flying more :)

Michelle said...

I'll get those photo's too you soon and I agree that you need to come down more often and bring your diaper changer with you.

Blenda said...

This is great info to know.

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