Aug 2, 2008

16th Wedding Anniversary!

Sixteen years ago Jim and I said our "I do's" to each other at the Thursday Club in Ocean Beach, California in front of our friends and family.  

The day was extremely hot, we were totally nervous, the company was great and the food was excellent (not that I actually ate anything). 

This is where most people would probably say something totally sweet and sentimental about what a great ride it has been so far, or how they married the most terrific man around (which I did) but that is too sappy for me.  Instead I am going to make fun of our wedding photo's.

Like Jim and I, the vast majority of our friends were married in the late 80's or early 90's.  I love looking at their wedding photo's because almost everyone had rockin' big hair (perms were big), a funky mustache (think Magnum PI) and  a wedding dress with a big goofy bow attached to their butt (can you see a glimpse of mine?).  The veil usually involved fake flowers and a puff so big it would make anyone look a bit like a Vegas show girl.  

My hair was almost down to the middle of my back at the time and I wanted it up in a french twist.  My hairdresser was a miracle worker to get all that hair twisted up and secured into place.  That twist must have stuck out a good 4 inches from my scalp.  And the bobby pins holding it in place.....I think it took me two hours to remove all of them.

My dress.....what can I say, I was skinny as a stick and the Mermaid style seemed like a perfect compliment to my ahhhh, figure.  I actually had my wedding dress made for me.  My mom and I searched the patterns in the Fabric store until I found the beauty that I am wearing.  It didn't matter to me that our wedding took place in the middle of the day on a Sunday, I wanted a mermaid style dress, complete with beading, lace, sequins and long sleeves.  

My favorite pictures from our wedding have to be the cake eating shots.  Jim was so sweet when he fed me my piece of wedding cake.  He put a little dab of icing on my nose before popping the cake into my mouth.  

I on the other hand was not so sweet and chose to shove the cake in Jim's face.  How was I to know that in an attempt to dodge a face full of cake he would lean back and the cake would go up his nose?  

The shot of him shooting cake out of his nose is classic!  The only reason he didn't shove cake in my face was because I warned him not to get my precious dress dirty!  Who knew that my dress would end up sitting in my moms closet for about 10 years without even being washed.  When she finally made me take it I actually threw it in the tub and washed the foot prints off the train and then shoved it into a box!  An archival staff box!

I don't know why I bothered with the expensive box because no daughter of mine is ever going to be caught dead in my old dress.  

Except maybe for a scrapbook page, or as a Halloween costume.  Old wedding dress's come in handy when you want to be the bride of Frankenstein.  Just ask my mom!

Happy 16th Anniversary honey.  Here is to 16 more!


Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Ours is coming up soon (20th) and I plan to post pics on my blog too! I actually wore my mom's wedding dress from 1962. I had some alterations done though, mainly for fit, so it ended up not looking "old fashioned".

Tina said...

Happy Anniversary!! LOVE the cake shot! I have an almost exact one of Chip on our wedding day, LOL!!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours is tomorrow! You have inspired me to do something similar on my blog!

K said...

Oh the 80's!!
Thanks for the flash from the past! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated anniversary! Many good memories of that day as I recall!!! Sean already asked me if he could make a super hero cape out of my dress. Since the prospect of a girl is really not going to happen....I did consider it! I need another few years before I say "um, yes. Let me pull it out and cut it up for you"!! ~Cousin C

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