Jul 14, 2008

Gone Fishing..be back soon!

Actually, a better sign would probably read, "Gone Horseback Riding....be back soon!" We are all having a great time up here in the western tip of the Sierra Nevada's at the Greenhorn Creek Ranch. We have been riding a lot and our days have been filled with fun activities. You hardly have time to rest before something else fun comes up. I'm getting more comfortable being on top of a horse. Of course during this mornings lesson I found out what it felt like to be flat on my back laying next to my horse. More on that later! Reid is sitting next to me and is insisting I mention the names of all of the horses, so hear goes.............Reid is riding, Lakota, Kate is on Blue, Jim is on Thunder and I am on the very charismatic Dapple! Our afternoon ride is coming up and I need to go put on my poop covered (horse poop that is) jeans.  More later.

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