May 8, 2008

Oh Silly Girl!

As I was selecting an applications from my dock I accidently selected "Photo Booth."  For those of you non Mac users (which is most of you) Photo Booth is an applications that allows me to take pictures with the camera that is built into my computer.  Yes, I know it is totally cool and I am sure you are all wishing you were Mac users too........but we don't want that to happen because then the crazy virus people will start attacking us!  Anyway, back to the story......So, I click on Photo Booth and up pops all these pictures that Reid has taken of herself.  I got a chuckle out of the pictures because I'm sure she either took these while I wasn't home, or while I wasn't in the room!  She is probably going to die when she see's I put some of them on my blog.  

Yo - girlie, this is what happens when your mom discovers the fun you are having on her computer.  Hmmm.....maybe I should check the my secret spy mom files.  :)


Anonymous said...

OMG MOM!!!!! what the heck i cant believe u did that!!!! rrrrrarrga!

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH work it girl!
u should be a model!
~EMrald (wink wink)

Michelle said...

You make me laugh!

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