Apr 22, 2008

Trip Up North!

This past weekend I had the chance fly up to the pacific northwest to visit with some of my moms side of the family.  My Mom, Aunt, Uncle and cousin came too, so we had a mini family reunion of sorts.  We spent the entire long weekend sans children, eating, chatting up a storm and laughing our butts off.  I really love these guys!  I also love the Pacific Northwest.  It is so beautiful up there.  My only disapointment was that the weather kept us from being able to see the mountains.  They always look so unreal to me.  They look just like a movie back drop!  The weather certainly was interesting.  I checked weather.com before the trip and saw that they were expecting snow during our stay.  I emailed Sarah and she assured me that it wouldn't snow.  Well, the weather people got it right and we got snow!  Real live-falling-from-the-sky-snow.  Now, you all know that I live in the land of 70 degree weather, so seeing snow falling while not at a ski resort was a real treat for me.  After there was about a good two inches of snow on the back deck, we ran outside to build a quick snowman and have a little snowball fight.  So much fun!  Sarah and her husband Scott dragged us all around the city for some good eats and some fun touristy stops!  All in all a great quick trip!  Hopefully the girls and I will head back up there this summer to meet my new cousin (baby on the way).  I know she has a lot of people waiting to meet her!

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